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Go beyond a logo. Define what makes your brand different from competitors.

We’ll join forces to uncover your customers wants and needs, define your value proposition and perfect your business strategy. Our fast, fun, and high-intensity process will set your product development process in motion faster than you can say “brand launch”.

Starting from £1,995

Brand strategy is a must if...

You’re creating a new product

You’re a founder or leading a team tasked with creating a new product or brand.

You have a strong vision

You know the direction your business is heading, and you want to bring that vision to life.

You need to reach your audience

You know who you want to buy your products, but need a plan to engage with customers.

The Process


Your Brand’s Statement

We’ll uncover the key brand attributes that will help guide you in the design process that will follow.


Customer Profiles

We’ll walk you through the process of defining 3–4 customer profiles, prioritising their needs and goals.


your goals

As design strategists, we work with you to set monetisation, marketing, and ops goals to align our interests.


Attribute Translation

The goal of this exercise is to further refine your ideas and turn them into a tangible design system.



Next, we take the top 3 needs of your customers and align them with the priorities of your business.



Lastly, we’ll choose 3 distinct design directions based on a selection of attributes and ideas.

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Client Experience

Start something amazing

Create a brand that will stand out in the market

Common Questions

Strategy sessions can take up to eight hours to cover all areas of your business. There will also be a shorter, follow-up session to review the creative direction that your brand will take based on the design brief.

You will need to know your customers, either by market research or by collecting customer data from past sales. You also need to know the main benefits of your products.

No. Before we can design your brand, we need to know the purpose of your brand. Who you are. What you stand for, who you serve, and your long-term goals. Only then can we decide what design direction to take.

If your a co-founder or solo founder of a startup, the strategy sessions are ideal for you to gain clarity on the direction of your business. You can also use it to brief new team members as you grow your company.

We’ve honed our strategy and design practice over several years to deliver a design that best fits your goals, style aesthetic, and timeframe. That isn’t to say that anyone can pick up your brand or editorial guidelines and do this work for you.

If you want us to help you with print or digital design at a later stage, we can do that at a later stage. We understand that product development is sometimes a long process.

Because of the intangible nature of this service, it cannot be returned and is non-refundable. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about this before starting a project.

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