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Turn all of your touchpoints into a branded experience

Our team will design a visual identity to fit your brand and business needs. This professional design service is a fast (but fun) process. We’ll guide you every step of the way.
Starting from £2,995

Creative 360° is perfect for you if...

You’re an established business

You’re a small-medium business that is at least 3 years old.

You’re creating a physical product

You’re developing a new product from scratch or extending your brand through white labelling.

You know your market

You know who your ideal customer is and validated your concept through market research.

what's included



We’ll work with you and your team to define your value proposition, objectives and marketing strategy.



From colours and visuals to messaging, we’ll help you communicate how you want customers to perceive your brand.


Custom Wordmark Logo

We also include a wordmark logo to use on all of your marketing material.


packaging design

We’ll create realistic 3D packaging models to try colour variations or SKUs without printing costs.


3D Packshot Renders

You’ll get 2 renders per product (front and back) to use on your eCommerce website and social media.



We’ll provide a style guide to help you maintain brand consistency and communicate your brand image to other team members.

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Client Experience

Create Something Amazing

Build a brand that will stand out in the market.

Common Questions

Yes. We book many clients who are looking to design their brand as soon as possible. Once we schedule time for your project, that means we do not book anyone else. The retainer fee is non-refundable to make sure that we honour the time we’ve set aside for your project and our other clients.

Please, click here to learn more about our brand strategy service.

Yes, there is. We include a FREE wordmark logo, which is a text-only typographic logo as part of the creative process. The Free wordmark includes ONLY two different directions and one revision. If you’re looking for a more official logo, such as an icon or graphic, that is available at an additional fee. Please, contact us for more details.

It’s okay if you want to keep your existing logo – especially if it has a lot of brand equity tied to it. We’re happy to slightly tweak the style of your current logo to match the new look and feel of your brand.

Yes!  We can match you with a fragrance designer who best suits your needs. Designing a unique scent (aka. Olfactory branding) takes up to four weeks for the initial process, plus additional time for stability and compliance testing. The cost of scent design will vary depending on the fragrances used in your blend. Please, get in touch for more details. blend. Please, get in touch for more details.

Though we do work on your brand voice and messaging as part of this service, full copywriting (either writing your website or social media posts), is priced separately.

With messaging, we hone your brand voice (the words you use). We also set editorial standards for a consistent tone across your media – from sales copy to status updates. However, this does not include writing entire web pages or social media posts. Please contact us if you require further assistance with this.

No. Please click here to review our web services and pricing.

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